Middle Age man has respiratory problem from covid-


With India battling a deadly Covid-19 resurgence, there seems to be little to do but make donations of medical devices needed to keep patients alive both at home and in already strained hospitals. 

At the end of April, the NGO pledged R300,000 from its own funds to procure 20 oxygen concentrators for India - each valued at R15,000 including delivery from a local supplier.   

"That is not all," said the president of SAHMS Ashwin Trikamjee. "There have been other business people who have all been calling to indicate that they all want to contribute. So we've had another two [donations] of R10,000 each. 

The specific concentrators they went for have two outlets instead of one. This means that two patients can use one concentrator at a time. The devices can also be moved from one place to another, are both electrical or battery powered, and each has an oxygen output of 10 LPM.