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Cabbage and fruit salad: Zesty vegan salad for the springtime

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a light lunch or snack that will keep the hunger away. Not only does a salad fill you up, but it’s as healthy as food can get. So many salads have regular lettuce, but our cabbage and fruit salad is like a light coleslaw without the mayonnaise. If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet or just want to cut out meat for a meal or two, this tasty cabbage salad is for you.

Cabbage and fruit salad tips

You can use more than one style of cabbage. Some purple cabbage also adds some flavour and loads of colour to the party. Grating all of your ingredients makes it nice and easy to enjoy. You can happily add some other greens like shredded spinach, raw mushrooms and even nuts for some protein. I’ts a versatile recipe which you can make for any meal, any day of the week ahead of time and enjoy on the go.

For a light, crunchy and nutritious lunch or dinner meal, our cabbage and fruit salad is great for anybody who loves salad and eats healthy meals.

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