South Africa

Celebrating Women’s Month

Being a feminist, businesswoman and philanthropist, Sholain Perumal believes in every woman’s right to be successful. Hence her passion to empower, upskill and motivate women from all walks of life. Coming from humble beginnings, Sholain has proven that you can achieve anything in life, if you believe in yourself and work hard toward what you want with determination. She urges women to not let their circumstances hold them back from achieving their dreams. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” – Sholain’s latest project is the Now You Can Foundation, which entails handing out Food Hampers and Kiddies packs to those in need. So, feel rest assured that should you sell your old unwanted Gold Jewellery at any of her Gold Bar stores, your transaction does not stop there, it goes a long way to funding this initiative and helping those in need. Visit or contact us on [email protected]. The 6 stores under The Gold Bar umbrella are as follows: Cornubia Mall – 082 881 8654 Galleria Mall – 083 300 8543 Midlands Mall – 083 300 8507Cresta Mall – 083 300 7976 Northgate Mall – 082 881 8640 Brooklyn Mall – 083 300 8375


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