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Covid-19: City of Joburg identifies several clinics to screen for coronavirus

Johannesburg has been identified as one of the epicentres of Covid-19 in the country and the City of Joburg has established a 24-hour Joint Operations Disaster Management Centre to assist local residents with any emergencies during the lockdown.

In a statement released on 30 March, Joburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo said the City had availed two clinics in each of its seven regions to screen patients of Covid-19 in case of a wider outbreak.

Makhubo commended the work of the City’s Health Department in responding to the coronavirus. “As a City, we cannot and will not fail residents. Working with the province and national governments, we intend to provide the requisite health care support and facilities to enable us to rapidly identify infected persons.”

This is to relieve pressure off provincial facilities and intensify testing and quickly respond to confirmed cases.

The City is training health workers on Covid-19 so they can educate and assist residents, including contact tracing in high-density areas.

Some of the clinics near you for Covid-19 testing are:

  • Parkview Clinic: Corner of 14th and 5th Avenue, Parkhurst. Contact details: 011 788 1526/7
  • Welterveden Park clinic: 1047 JG Strijdom Road, Welterveden Park Ext 24. Contact details: 011 675 3038
  • Cosmo City: Corner South African Road and Angola Road, Cosmo City Multipurpose Centre. Contact details: 082 857 5973
  • Braamfischer: Multipurpose Centre, Braamfischer, Phase 2. Contact details: 082 818 6575
  • Eastbank Clinic: 87 Springbok Crescent and Impala Road. Contact details: 011 882 0905
  • Sandown: 139 West Street, corner of Maud Street, Sandown. Contact details: 011 881 6151/6215
  • Halfway House: Erf 18 and 19, Market Street and Moritz Street, Halfway House. Contact: 011 805 3112
  • Diepsloot Clinic: Erf 5355, J B Marks Drive, Diepsloot Ext 7. contact details: 011 464 5396.

It is important that you contact the clinic near you before going for a test.

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