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Every day is World Youth Skills Day at Radley Private School

Grade R learners at Radley Private School are happily immersed in the space where entrepreneurship and education meet. Photo: Supplied by Radley Private School

As part of its innovative educational offering, Radley Private School has introduced three ‘entrepreneurial sets’ which guide all lesson plans and activities in January.

The mind-set (or ‘I learn’) focuses on the child’s ability to see opportunities and think in a more entrepreneurial way. The skill-set (or ‘I do’) is the child’s aptitude for and application of entrepreneurial concepts in life. The final set is the heart-set (or ‘I feel’) and relates to the child’s attitude and approach to life, learning and entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of each school day, all the learners are encouraged to use a clothes peg on the ‘I feel’ board so that the whole class and the teacher know how they are feeling that day.

To quote Grade 1 entrepreneur, Khumo Ratunedi, “I love listening to how my friends feel because I can help them if they are sad.”

Grade 2 learner Bikwe Nhlapo said, “I like the feelings chart because choosing my feeling makes me feel good.”

His classmate Emma remarked, “I like to know how my friends feel.”

By encouraging entrepreneurs to express their feelings, the classroom becomes a safe space for the child to work through the emotions they are experiencing in a guided and constructive manner. It also allows Radley’s teachers to tweak their lesson plans to suit the current emotional atmosphere of the class like a boosted morale if learners have the blues.

The introduction of this technique has proved especially comforting for Radley’s Grade 7 class who made the move to the high school campus in January. Entrepreneur Tshiamo Maleka said, “I have never felt so welcomed and warm-hearted in my learning experience. I was frightened to move to the high school but it feels good to have a lovely family.”

The matric class have also embraced the heart-set with entrepreneur Pryashan Pather saying, “I am really enjoy the new learning rhythm which gives us the power to express our feelings and feedback every day.”

Radley Private School believes that it is critically important for young learners to be able to express their emotions and feel safe while they are doing so.

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