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Fact Check: Organizations Are Offering Free Weed For Taking Covid Vaccine Through ‘Joints For Jabs’

Several organizations across the country are giving cannabis enthusiasts free weed as an incentive to get vaccinated against covid-19. D.C. Marijuana Justice (DCMJ) began its popular “Joints for Jabs” campaign earlier this year, which offers Americans free weed in exchange for getting the vaccine shot.

The group’s co-founder, Adam Eidinger, told Forbes the campaign has been a hit with people who are both giving and receiving the shots; and they’ve distributed over 10,000 joints.

“When the workers inside [one site] heard that we were out there giving away joints they started telling the recipients of the shot, ‘Oh, go outside and get a free joint,’” Eidinger said. “I met someone who actually was not vaccinated but said they would go do it the same day and managed to get the vaccination the same day, then came back and got the joint.”

After hearing about the movement in DC, New York Marijuana Justice (NYMJ) decided to follow their counterpart’s lead. It was a hit among that crowd as well.

“On 420, the same day that we did our big giveaway at about 35 locations in D.C., they set up in Union Square in New York and gave away about 4,000 joints,” Eidinger said.

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According to the organization, all the free weed was donated by local home growers and rolled up by volunteers wearing PPE who avoided licking the papers.

D.C. resident Josh Miller told Reuters the Joints for Jabs campaign was a double-win for him. “I’m here for multiple reasons,” Miller said in April. “One, I got my vaccine. Two, I enjoy marijuana for me. So, I have chronic back pain. So, it helps me.”

New York resident Megan Krest echoed Miller’s sentiment. “I think it’s a really cool way for people to, you know, incentivize getting their vaccine,” Krest said as she waited in line for her free weed.

Eidinger said regulations make it difficult for commercial growers to donate, but if they were able to get more donations, it could really make a difference with vaccinations.

“There are too many people denying science when it comes to the vaccines, and we want to say if you believe that cannabis is scientifically proven to be safe, then you also have to believe that the vaccine is safe because it too has been scientifically proven to be safe using clinical trials,” Eidinger said.

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