South Africa

Funeral undertakers threaten to shut down home affairs headquarters

JOHANNESBURG - Funeral undertakers are threatening to shut down the home affairs head offices in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The body representing the undertakers called the Unification Task Team on Monday said if government didn’t address their concerns, they would go on a full-blown national strike.

Workers are unhappy about a regulation around a document called a certificate of competence (CoC), which is needs to be submitted in order for undertakers to remove a body either from a mortuary, a hospital, a forensic laboratory or a private home.

Unification Task Team spokesperson Muzi Hlengwa said the Department of Health was doing an adequate job at processing this document.

He said home affairs should not try to muscle in on the administration of the CoC because it would only create more red tape that prevented smaller parlours from doing business.

“Our intention is to not disrupt the services that are given to the members of the public.”

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