South Africa

Gwede Mantashe accused of using tribalism in bid to destroy PAC

Durban - The battle for the soul of the troubled Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) is becoming nasty, with Narius Moloto dragging Mineral and Energy Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe into the fray.

Moloto alleged that “there is an Eastern Cape cabal” that's keeping him out of power by ensuring that Mzwanele Nyhontso, the president of the party he disputes, remains there against the law.  

According to Moloto, all those involved in the party's fights "are linked to Mantashe” and he believes that Mantashe was out to destroy the PAC.

“Gwede Mantashe has been involved in handling all the people who are disruptive in the PAC ... He is trying to bring in his tribalism in the PAC because he is mainly using certain elements and individuals from the Eastern Cape,” he alleged.

However, Moloto was not clear about how Mantashe stands to benefit by getting involved in the PAC's infighting when he holds a senior position in the ANC.

Narius Moloto

“He wants to kill PAC… They are on record saying that the only party that is a threat is the PAC,” he responded.

When contacted for comment, Mantashe was perplexed by the allegations. He asked why he would leave the ANC and interfere in matters of a party like the PAC. He added that it seems as if Moloto is out to make baseless accusations about anyone.

"I think he has run out of ideas," Mantashe said briefly.

Mzwanele Nyhontso

Nyotsho also laughed off Moloto's claims. He said Moloto has also used the tribal card in the past.

"He is not saying this for the first time… You are dealing with a mad man here... he always comes up with those allegations of tribalism," Nyotsho said.

Nyhontso also said  Moloto was expelled by the party and he is currently involved in court battles with them trying to overturn results of a legitimate conference.