South Africa

Jesse Suntele talks exercise and self-love

My fitness journey started back when I was in high school. I was always a small kid and I was the shortest in my class. I didn’t like this and I decided that I want to have more of a physical presence when I walk into a room. I was a high school kid back then and over the years it’s just become a part of my life.

I now spend six days of the week at the gym and my diet is not too strict. This is only when I’m in full swing and consistent with my fitness routine. I go to the gym for about an hour for six days and then I rest on the seventh day. I eat what I want, most of the time; however, I watch what I eat. My diet only gets specific when I have a specific goal to reach at a specific time. 

It was rough at the start of the pandemic when gyms were closed. It was bad and I let go because there was nothing I could do. I later came to an understanding that I don’t have to be ripped all the time. Eventually, I managed to get myself back into exercising by doing home workouts. I used a light pair of dumbbells and some resistance bands. Working out with my girlfriend made it a lot easier to stay motivated. 

 There is a lot of pressure from the entertainment industry for us to look a certain way, especially if your fans are used to seeing you in shape and summer body ready all the time. I decided a while ago that I don’t like the pressure so I don’t work out based on that anymore. I lose weight when I want to, diet when I want to and I choose how much I want to lose or gain. I also don’t post a lot of shirtless and body pics on social media anymore because I don’t want people to box me as “a great body”.

I see my body as one huge experiment. My goals are about wanting to see what my body can do next. If I want to get stronger, I shift my workout to that. If I want to lose weight, my lifestyle changes to fit that. My most important goal is to make sure that my body lasts me as long as it can.

 Enjoy life and love yourself no matter what you look like. Pressure is not your friend, so don’t put yourself under pressure. You have to choose to get fit and try your best to stay consistent. Enjoy life, you don’t need to starve or kill yourself at the gym.

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