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Kakamus pudding with custard: The ultimate Sunday roast pudding

We all crave something sweet after lunch or dinner. Sometimes you just want to indulge in something sweet and incredible, especially when you’re sharing with family. If you’ve been to a South African Sunday lunch, you know what malva pudding is. This Kakamus pudding with custard is a simple twist on the classic that grandma used to make. The difference here is that the custard is baked into the pudding instead of just pouring it over.

Kakamus pudding with custard tips

The custard isn’t a thick custard you’d usually enjoy with the pudding, but it’s so that you can bake it into the sponge. The bicarb helps give the pudding a beautiful golden brown colour too, making it look very familiar. With the custard already in the pudding, it gives you the perfect opportunity to add to it. Enjoy it with a scoop of whipped cream or ice cream. The ice cream provides a beautiful cold contrast to the warm pudding which is always great.

Sometimes you have to mix things up a bit for the Sunday feast with family and friends. Surprise them with a twist on a classic, the Kakamus pudding.

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