South Africa

Mineworkers who contracted silicosis, TB 'can appeal' rejection of claims

JOHANNESBURG - The Tshiamiso Trust on Tuesday said prospective beneficiaries of a fund, who have contracted silicosis and TB in the country's gold mines, would get an opportunity to appeal the rejection of their claims.

So far, the trust has only paid out seven claims in a trial run, however, it plans to roll out more payments in coming months following years of delays since a settlement was reached between miners and gold producers.

Eyewitness News first reported about the process of claims last month when a former mineworker complained that they had been waiting for payments for too long.

SPECIAL REPORT: After 2 years, historic silicosis case miners await justice

The trust said it had conducted 408 medical examinations on prospective beneficiaries so far, with over 2,000 claims lodged.

However, the trust also said it was aware that there were many people who were going to find that they were not eligible for benefits from the trust.

But those who want to challenge the decisions of the trust also have a leeway, as Tina Cruz explains: “The trustee provides for the 30-day period to commence from the date the notification was issued.”

The trust also said those who were eligible would be paid out from the R5 billion fund.

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