South Africa

Name SA's new airline and you could get free flights when it launches

South Africans are being invited to do what they do best and put their creative juices to the test in naming SA’s new domestic airline, which is set to launch this year.

The airline, which will be a partnership between Kulula founder Gidon Novick and Global Aviation, a leading operator of Airbus A320 aircraft, is planning its first flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town for December 2020.

“The pandemic has created a unique opportunity to start an airline that is not only dramatically more efficient but also inventive and creative by tapping into the unique talent that our country offers,” says Novick.

“Mater KG’s Jerusalema is a reminder of just how creative, energetic and inspiring South Africans can be.”

The airline will be drawing inspiration from Uber’s hi-tech customer approach to mobility and will combine the experience of experts in the technology and hospitality sectors.

Jonathan Ayache, a former Uber Africa executive who is also involved in the project, says it’s time for the airline industry to rethink its relationship with passengers. “This can be achieved by bringing together industry experts, technology and a fresh perspective and strategic approaches from other sectors.”

The team is looking for a name that is unique, aspirational, cool, easy to say and memorable. And the best part? The person responsible for coming up with the winning name will get a year's free travel pass on the airline.

Entries should be submitted on and the winner will be announced within the next two weeks.

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