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New trolleys for ‘trolley-preneurs’

These trolleys are made of galvanised steel have been designed to meet the waste traders' needs. Photo: Supplied

FERNDALE – Take a drive or walk along our community, and the chances are good that you will see someone hauling a trolley piled high with recyclable waste.

Sometimes referred to as ‘trolley-preneurs’, waste traders’ earnings depend on the volumes of waste they are able to deliver to recycling depots and buy-back centres.

In an effort to help boost trolley preneurs’ income and make their lives a bit easier, the National Lottery Commission has provided funding to Liberty Compassion [], a registered non-profit organisation, to give waste traders trolleys that are safer, more robust and that can transport larger loads.

The trolleys are made of galvanised steel and have been designed specifically to meet waste traders’ needs. They have a carrying capacity of 300 kg and have reflective tape on all four sides to increase visibility. Each trolley-preneur also receives a reflective Conti suit. “It’s gruelling work, but the trolley-preneurs are making such a difference in helping us beautify our environment,” said Allison Cloete, Lotto trolley project manager. Adding they play a vital role in reducing the masses of waste that, historically, have ended up in landfill sites or littering our streets, pavements, parks and rivers.

One of our community’s waste traders with his new trolley that was handed over to him by Trevor Webster of Doorway to Dignity. Photo: Supplied.

After arranging the design and manufacture of the trolleys, the organisation approached Doorway to Dignity, an NPO working with homeless and destitute people, to assist with distributing the 100 Lotto-funded trolleys.

To date, 67 trolleys have been handed to trolley-preneurs in a variety of areas including Fontainebleau, Malanshof, Windsor, Edenvale, Bryanston, Soweto, Zandspruit and Linden. “It has been a joy to see the smiles on the faces of trolley recipients,” said Garth Gray, chairman of Liberty Compassion.

Gray said Doorway to Dignity has made contact with several residents associations which have come on board to assist with distributing trolleys. This is helping to foster better relationships between trolley-preneurs and the communities in which they operate.

Liberty Compassion is involved in many other projects including environmental and social upliftment projects and support of previously disadvantaged communities.

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