South Africa

Once the W. Cape's COVID-19 epicentre, Khayelitsha's cases now decreasing

CAPE TOWN – There does indeed seem to be a glimmer of hope when it comes to the Western Cape's coronavirus situation.

Once the epicentre of the outbreak, the province's health department has said numbers are stabilising, and in some regions like Khayelitsha, cases are decreasing.

Department head Keith Cloete says 73 cases have been recorded in the township over the past seven days.

Khayelitsha was disproportionately affected by essential workers that went to work under lockdown, in supermarkets in other areas, where the transmission came from supermarkets back into Khayelitsha So there was an initial spike that preceded other areas. So therefore there’s an earlier curve in Khayelitsha.”

Over the same period – the department recorded only 25 hospital admissions for the area, and 15 deaths.

This shows a significant drop in known infections, as compared to early July, when Khayelitsha saw in excess of 600 cases a week – with some 200 hospitalisations and a hundred deaths.

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