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READER LETTER | Malema should step aside as MP

The article "Malema's recent utterances on having 10 babies reckless", (Sowetan, October 2021, refers). Julius Malema argued that the EFF government will feed and pay for their education if their parents are unable to do so.

Where will he get the money from? From taxpayers? Did he consult the taxpayers? No. He always says he can build three-bedroom houses for poor people using taxpayers' money.

By the way, there are many taxpayers who cannot afford to build such decent houses for themselves. So, they'll stop working and expect the EFF government to build them such decent houses. Then there will be no money to build any houses.

The duty of the government and private sector is to create jobs. When a child says "I am hungry", don't give him fish but teach him to fish, then he will never be hungry again. Create jobs for the poor so that they can build houses for themselves. "In the sweat of their forehead, you shall eat bread (Genesis 3 v 19)."

RDP houses should only be built for physically challenged persons.

Malema, as a parliamentarian, has sworn under oath that he will abide by the Constitution of the Republic of SA and all its laws. But when people are illegally looting other persons' property, he supports them. He does the same to those who illegally occupy other persons' property. Thus, he is not fit and proper to be a parliamentarian.

Let the step-aside rule apply to parliamentarians also. Malema is facing many criminal charges yet he is still a parliamentarian. Of concern is that of allegedly assaulting a police officer on duty. This should be regarded as high treason.

I appeal to all law-abiding citizens of SA that we must insist that the step-aside rule must also apply to parliamentarians.

Sim Nawa, Hammanskraal