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Sakeliga says business organisations are opposed to mandatory vaccination

Business group Sakeliga and four other business organisations have written to the Presidency to express their opposition to mandatory vaccination. The group said President Cyril Ramaphosa made incorrect blanket statements about business support for a national vaccine mandate.


Sakeliga Executive Director Piet le Roux said the letter, which was addressed to the presidency and ministers of COGTA and health, indicated that the group’s clients are opposed to state-driven mandatory vaccination policies and monitoring mechanisms.

According to the group, these mechanisms include vaccine passports and punitive measures against unvaccinated people and regulations that would compel businesses to aid and enforce mandatory vaccination measures.

“The letter follows incorrect statements by the President, in his televised address on 28 November, indicating ‘broad agreement on the need for such measures (a state-driven policy of mandatory vaccination)’ from ‘business’, among others.

“However, blanket statements to the effect that ‘business supports’ a policy of state-driven mandatory vaccination and monitoring are false, misconstrues reality, and points at the very least to severe shortcomings in government’s consultation processes,” said le Roux.

Sakeliga said there is significant opposition and disagreement with mandatory vaccination both in business and broader society. Other organisations represented by the letter include Agri North West, the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA), SAAI and TLU SA.

“We bring to your attention that our clients have not been consulted and that any process which purports to have done so, is flawed. 

“It is therefore our clients’ request that government include our clients in its consultation process in order to ensure that all perspectives are recognised and considered,” read the letter.

Sakeliga said it is in favour of voluntary vaccination campaigns and an end to lockdown policies.