South Africa

Sapphire Coast, Umhlanga: It's an endless summer in Durbs

Local getaway

As winter grips the rest of SA, the subtropical climate is reason enough to visit - but greater Durban is a hot destination at any time of year

Durban is often touted as one of SA's top cities to visit, with its gorgeous beaches, wealth of outdoor activities and, very importantly, warm weather year-round. With the winter chill setting in around the country, the subtropical climate of Durbs alone is enough to lure visitors from other parts of the country, where they're doubling down under blankets.

The central beaches are a big part of its pull, but wider Durban has plenty to offer too, with four main regions - Durban Central, Umhlanga, Sodurba and the Sapphire Coast - spanning more than 100km of coastline...

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