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Teen beaten, robbed of gold false teeth back home after being in coma

Cape Town – The teen who was robbed of his false teeth and cellphone has returned home after escaping death by the skin of his teeth.

And already Zentinio Mentoor, 18, has received an offer from a dentist to replace his lost teeth.

The teen was at a party in Seawinds when he was assaulted by a group of nine suspects. They stole his false teeth with gold, which cost him R1 000, and his Samsung cellphone.

The generous dentist from Hanover Park, Mansoor Mohamed, contacted the Daily Voice after reading about the incident and said: “I would like to assist with replacing his teeth, at no charge of course.”

Zentinio’s mom, Karen Mentoor, 50, says she is happy to hear that someone is willing to help: “His teeth will be fixed, and he will get his smile back again.”

Zentinio was repeatedly beaten with baseball bats and beer bottles on his head on 17 October.

The Overcome Heights teen was in a coma for two days and was discharged from hospital last Wednesday. Karen says it’s a miracle that her son is still alive.

“I was really worried about brain damage and death because the suspects jumped on his head,” she says.

“The way he looked when he was still in Retreat Hospital, it was like he couldn’t even hear me talking to him. He just looked at the ceiling without a word.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk has confirmed that they are investigating the case.

He said: “An assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (GBH) case was registered for investigation. There is no arrest as yet.”

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