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USAID’s Resilient Waters Program: KAZA-TFCA On-Site Installation of Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

USAID’s Resilient Waters Program
Request for Proposals (RFP): RFP # 07/2021

USAID’s Resilient Waters Program

USAID’s Resilient Waters is a five -year program (June 2018- June 2023), implemented by Chemonics International in collaboration with a consortium of partners. The Resilient Waters Program is seeking full proposals from eligible entities for implementation of activities designed to address a multi-faceted program whose goal is to build more resilient communities and eco-systems through improved management of trans-boundary natural resources and increased access to safe drinking water and sanitation services.

RFP # 07/2021 - KAZA-TFCA On-Site Installation of Water Quality Monitoring Equipment.

In contributing towards improved transboundary water security and resource management, Resilient Waters Program seeks the services of a subcontractor to build the housing for the 4 water quality monitoring units and complete the installation with associated wiring and connection to solar panels. The selected firm will be required to conduct pilot testing of the units in Gaborone, and to lead on-site engineering to assist Botswana Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control (DWMPC) in installing the units at the field locations. Sites selected for installation of the water quality monitoring units are located in the remote parts of the wetlands of the Okavango and Chobe River systems.

Full requirements for installation are listed below;

  1. The housing units must protect the monitoring equipment and associated batteries and solar panels from the harsh environment, ensuring they are secure from potential damage by wildlife, or are secure from theft by vandals.
  2. All cabling and wiring from the sensors to the transmitter(s) and solar panels shall be run in neatly fitted ducting and shall preferably be buried as to not be visible to passers-by.
  3. The housing units protecting the equipment should be mounted to engineered infrastructure that secures them in-situ, and does not expose them to potential erosion, submersion, subsidence or damage from wildlife and/or people.
  4. The housing units and engineered infrastructure should be, as far as is possible camouflaged to minimise detection.

The selected Offeror shall also train DWMPC staff in first line maintenance, fault finding and repair, of all housing equipment. All training shall be provided in Gaborone. 

Offerors are invited to submit proposals in response to this RFP in accordance with Section I, Instructions to Offerors. The RFP and all associated documents may be found in the following Google Link

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