South Africa

VISUAL ESSAY: Mean Monday: Another vicious winter storm surges through city of Cape Town

Huge waves up to 11 metres battered Cape Town coastline . At Three Anchor Bay  and all along the Atlantic seaboard , huge foamy waves crashed  over the barriers and onto the road covering cars as they drove past . Some motorists  even drove their vehicles through the foam (Photo:Brenton Geach)

After being hit by two cold fronts last week, a fresh front tore through the Western Cape from late on Sunday night. Gale-force winds and heavy rains uprooted trees, caused flooding and power outages in some areas, with disaster management on high alert and mopping up operations underway to mitigate risks. On the positive side, the Western Cape government reported that dam levels for the province increased from last week by 8% to 53% in total. Cape Town dams are at 73% full. Here are scenes from three Cape Town city areas. 

Zwelitsha, Du Noon

Heavy rains in the past few days caused the Diep River to burst its banks, with flooding at the Zwelitsha informal settlement  – which is situated on a flood plain – in Du Noon. (Photo: Brenton Geach) (Photo: Brenton Geach)
Zwelitsha in flood, Du Noon, July 13, 2020. Emergency shelters were activated at churches for residents of Zwelitsha.  (Photo: Brenton Geach)
Zwelitsha homes surrounded by water, Du Noon, 13 July, 2020. (Photo: Brenton Geach)

Lavender Hill 

Heavy rains and gale-force winds tear through Lavender Hill in Cape Town,  on Monday 13 July 2020. (Photo:Brenton Geach)
In Lavender Hill, a child braves the downpour to collect a meal from Mark Nicholson’s feeding scheme , (Photo:Brenton Geach)
Residents of Lavender Hill try to stay above water. (Photo: Brenton Geach)
Wet, grey conditions in Lavender Hill, Cape Town,  (Photo: Brenton Geach)

Three Anchor Bay

Waves of up to  11 metres batter the coastline at Three Anchor Bay , 13 July, 2020. (Photo: Brenton Geach)
Giant swell whips up a frothy storm at Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town,  (Photo: Brenton Geach)
Foam lashes the seafront at Three Anchor Bay,  Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo: Brenton Geach)
A leisurely stroll takes on a more challenging meaning at Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town,   (Photo: Brenton Geach) DM

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