South Africa

Zuma: ‘There were some within ANC who wanted to kill Hani’

JOHANNESBURG – Former President Jacob Zuma has insinuated to his supporters that some members of his own movement were behind an attempt to assassinate the late South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani.

Zuma says when he was head of the African National Congress (ANC) intelligence wing during the struggle, he came across information that suggests some betrayed Hani by leaking information to the enemy.

He made these claims while addressing a group of supporters following his appearance at the state capture inquiry.

Zuma has promised to return to the inquiry when needed.

The former said there are things he doesn't talk about but there are some people within his own movement who wanted to kill Hani.

“I’m asking a question; who gave information about comrade Chris Hani’s house that had to be destroyed? It was saved by the general who advised that there were kids inside.”

The former president says at the right time; he will release their names of all those who were part of this conspiracy.

“When I say I’ll tell things about them they think I don’t know; I mean it.”

Zuma has warned those he says are acting against him to stop it or risk him exposing their deeds.

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