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Ambassador Mukwita Criticizes Vice President Nalumango for Missing the Point on Mealie Meal Cost

Ambassador Anthony Mukwita has criticized Vice President Mutale Nalumango for missing the point when she recently made comments about the rising cost of mealie meal, a staple food for 90% of Zambians. The Ambassador, who is a media expert and international relations expert, spoke about the issue on “The Analysis,” a live show on KBN TV.

Ambassador Mukwita stated that the issue was not about the choice between roller meal and breakfast, but about whether Zambians can afford the mealie meal, which the government promised to reduce to K50 as opposed to the current price of K200. He also expressed disappointment in the Vice President’s “outlandish statements” that make her boss, President Hichilema, look bad, and advised her to stop making uninformed public statements.

The Ambassador went on to reference the French Revolution of the 1700s, where the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, was so oblivious to the hunger in her country that she advised people to eat cake in the absence of bread. He emphasized that those who love Zambia will continue to remind the government to live up to the promises they made ahead of the elections instead of ignoring them.

Ambassador Mukwita added that the current government has a unique opportunity to make Zambia a better place, and there is no need to rewrite history. He advised that the government should not mistake objective criticism for hate and that those who praise the President amidst failed promises actually hate him.

The Ambassador has recently completed a book on the rise of China in Africa, which will be available in Zambia and on Amazon in February. The full interview with Wiseman Henry Zulu can be found on the link below for critical analysis.