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APNAC Zambia Chapter Demands Immediate Release of Secretary General

The Africa Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia Chapter has demanded the immediate release of its Secretary General, Hon Munir Zulu, from police custody. This comes after Hon Zulu, who is also a Member of Parliament for LUMEZI, alleged that two Cabinet Ministers had received a bribe of $250,000 each for facilitating the Lusaka-Ndola Road contract recently signed by the Zambian government.

According to Hon Miles Sampa, Chairman of APNAC Zambia Chapter, Hon Zulu has immunity for statements issued on Parliament grounds. He stated that a whistle-blower should be heard and not arrested, as enshrined by the country’s laws. Hon Sampa added that Hon Zulu is on terra firma and has solid evidence to back up his allegations.

Hon Sampa further emphasized that it is not the police’s responsibility to arrest Hon Zulu on his allegations, as he did not commit any crime against the people of Zambia and the state. He noted that it would be up to the two Ministers mentioned to refute the allegations, and if injured, to sue in the Courts of Law as they have stated they will.

Hon Sampa expressed concern about the freedom of expression on matters of corruption, noting that if the police charge Hon Zulu based on the statement he made last week, it would call for great concern. He added that APNAC is in touch with its global office on its options in such circumstances.

The APNAC Zambia Chapter has urged the police to release Hon Munir Zulu immediately and let the Anti-Corruption Commission deal with the matter if need be. The case has attracted a lot of attention, and many are watching to see how it will unfold.