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Bowman Lusambo not impressed with reconstructed Kapalala market

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo

Former Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Chilosha Lusambo says he is saddened by the manner in which the Kapalala Market in Ndola’s Masala Township has been reconstructed.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo last month commissioned the New Kapalala Market in Masala that is accommodating close to two thousand traders.

Speaking to Radio Icengelo News in Ndola, Mr. Lusambo said the Kapalala Market is too small in its current state to accommodate all traders in a bid to end street vending.

The former Lusaka Province Minister said the Ministry of Local Government and Ndola City Council have disregarded the original plan of Kapalala Market initiated during the reign of previous PF government.

Mr. Lusambo said the initial plan would have seen Kapalala Market have a police post, clinic, expanded ablution, pavers and shops.

“We intended to put up shops around Kapala Market. That is why President Edgar Lungu should sanction the release of funds for the Kapala Market Project after looking at the plan. The manner in which Kapalala Market has been built is not different from other common markets where people have run away to trade in the streets. We wanted all traders to be accommodated in the market but in its current state the market cannot even accommodate Salaula traders. How can a market have only trading stands? The Government should have over consulted before rushing to open the market,” Mr. Lusambo said.

He said in its current state the Kapalala Market was incomplete.

“The Ndola City Council has disappointed me because they had the original plan for Kapalala Market which has not been followed. There is no way you can rush to open a market that does not even have pavers, there is just dust all over and the rainy season is coming. Where will the beauty of the market be? The Kapalala Market is incomplete in its current state. Our plan has been disregarded. We wanted Kapalala to be a model of a market,” Mr. Lusambo said.

The Kapalala Market was gutted by fire in 2022 and 2017.