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Current conditions of service for Councillors in the country are heartbreaking-Sunday Chanda

Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has described the current conditions of service for Councillors in the country as heartbreaking.

And the Kanchibiya MP has since requested the acting Clerk of the National Assembly that he on October 12th 2022 move a motion on the floor of the house for Parliament to urge government to improve conditions of service for the councillors, a move he says cuts across all parties.

“This is not a partisan motion, it is a motion that cuts across partisan rank and file, the conditions of service for our councillors is something that is heartbreaking.” He said.

The Kanchibiya Lawmaker said this is especially for Councillors from rural constituencies such as Kanchibiya and Shiwang’andu among others from both the opposition and ruling parties including independents.

He hopes that the Executive will be magnanimous enough to agree to the equitable distribution of resources.

“We hope that government will be magnanimous enough to agree that in terms of equity, because we are making this argument on the basis of equity that thee ought to be equitable distribution of resources,” he said.”

“And our councillors have families to run, they’re doing a great job serving our country, ” he added.

Hon. Chanda further said that the issue of councillors’ conditions service should be given attention with the Emoluments Commission in place.

“With the Emoluments Commission operationalised, their issue must be given the significance it ought to be given.” He said.