PF officials led by Leader of the Opposition Brian Mundible captured at Emmasdale Police Station on Wednesday night attempting to have access to Mr Mwamba which was denied.

Outspoken opposition politician Information Mwamba spent Wednesday night in police custody at Emmasdale Police Station in Lusaka after he was abducted by unknown people at a Car Wash in Woodlands area.

Mr Mwamba was picked and beaten up around 16:30 Hours after he took his car for washing by people who did not identify themselves.

He was bundled in a car and driven to Woodlands Police Station where he was detained by Police who confiscated his mobile phones.

Mr Mwamba was later transferred to Service Headquarters where he was asked to surrender passwords to his mobile devices but he refused.

Around 20:30, Mr Mwamba was moved to Emmasdale Police and a charge of Publication of Information was indicated in the Book at Reception.

His Lawyer Makebi Zulu has confirmed that Mr Mwamba has not been told why he was picked up.

“It’s very preposterous for the Police for even request for a password to Mr Mwamba’s mobile phones, we are happy that he stuck to his guns and refused and they even threatened to charge him with obstruction of justice,” Mr Zulu said.

Mr. Zulu said he will be going to Service Headquarters to seek audience with the Police Command to ascertain why his client was abducted and detained.