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Eric Chanda Urges UPND to Respect Church and Address Key Concerns

Fourth Republican Party president Erick Chanda

Chachacha interim President Eric Chanda has called upon the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) to cease their antagonistic behavior towards the church. Mr. Chanda emphasized the importance of listening to the church’s concerns and working towards addressing them in order to maintain a harmonious relationship between the government and religious institutions.

Mr. Chanda highlighted several critical issues raised by the church and urged the UPND government to prioritize them. Firstly, he emphasized the need for job creation for the youth, who played a significant role in the party’s electoral success. Recognizing the challenges faced by the mining industry on the Copperbelt, he urged the government to take prompt action in resolving the crisis.

Additionally, Mr. Chanda stressed the importance of ensuring equitable, adequate, and timely distribution of farming inputs. He further called for attention to be given to the predicament of small-scale farmers, specifically in relation to the promised reduction of fertilizer prices to K250.

The interim President also urged the UPND government to take steps in reducing the cost of living. He specifically mentioned the need to lower the price of mealie meal to K50 per 25kg bag, which would alleviate financial burdens on the population.

Furthermore, Mr. Chanda acknowledged the significance of stabilizing fuel prices in the country, emphasizing the church’s call for the employment of over 40,000 teachers to address the issue of overcrowded classrooms and the high teacher-pupil ratio. He urged the UPND government to heed these concerns and stressed the importance of being a listening government rather than one that antagonizes and insults the church.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Chanda emphasized that such behavior towards religious institutions was uncalled for in a civilized society that prides itself on being a Christian nation. He called upon the UPND government to embrace the role of a responsive and respectful administration, working collaboratively with the church for the betterment of the nation.

The church plays a significant role in the social fabric of Zambia, and its concerns should be given careful consideration by the government. It is hoped that the UPND will take heed of these important recommendations put forward by the interim President and foster a constructive relationship with the church moving forward. By addressing these concerns, the government can strengthen its ties with the religious community and create a more inclusive and prosperous Zambia.