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Former Presidential Advisor Chris Zumani Zimba Detained on Terrorism Charges

Special Assistant to the president for Political Affair, Dr Chris Zumani Zimba

Chris Zumani Zimba, former State House Special Advisor to President Edgar Lungu, has been detained at Woodlands Police Station in Zambia. The police officers, acting on behalf of the Police Service Headquarters, apprehended Zimba at his farm in Chongwe. He is being charged with the offense of terrorism under Section 25 of the Anti-Terrorism and Non-Proliferation Act of 2018, which is a capital offense.

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, arrived at Woodlands Police Station to visit Zimba, indicating support from the political party. The precise details of the alleged act of terrorism have not been disclosed at this time.

This development comes shortly after Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people appointed Zimba as the Board Chairman of the Nsingo Museum. The museum, located at Feni Village in Chipata District, serves as a repository for Ngoni heritage, including the grave of King Mpezeni I and his direct royal lineage members.

Speaking on behalf of Paramount Chief Mpezeni, Ambassador George Zulu highlighted Zimba’s dedication to preserving Ngoni heritage and expressed the Ngoni Royal Establishment Supreme Council’s appreciation for his contribution. The NRESC, in collaboration with the National Museum Board and the Zambian government, established the Nsingo Museum in 2017.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni proclaimed that February 5th would henceforth be celebrated as Nsingo Day, as it marks the day Prince Nsingo was executed for defending territorial autonomy and sovereignty. The Nsingo Museum Board, in conjunction with the NRESC, aims to promote this royal declaration on a national and regional scale.

Ambassador Zulu further commended Dr. Zimba’s expertise as a respected Political Scientist and his extensive research on Ngoni heritage, which is deposited in the Nsingo Museum. Hailing from Chief Kapatamoyo, Dr. Zimba’s appointment as the Nsingo Museum Board Chairman was deemed appropriate due to his longstanding involvement as a technical resource to the Ngoni King’s office.

The news of Dr. Zimba’s detention on terrorism charges has generated significant attention, given his recent appointment and his academic contributions to Ngoni history. It remains to be seen how this legal development will impact both his personal standing and the Nsingo Museum.

As the case unfolds, the nation will be watching closely to ascertain the specifics of the charges leveled against Dr. Zimba and to understand the potential implications for his association with the Nsingo Museum and his political career.