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Patriotism key among military personnel

ZAMBIA is a country that prides itself in its sovereignty and the unequalled peace enjoyed since independence.
Though there was instability like the food riots of the late 1990s and two failed Coup d’états, Zambia remains one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
Zambia has also played a huge role in fostering peace across its borders by first helping bring peace to some of the then-war-torn neighbours or close friends in Southern Africa and then ensuring the countries that were under foreign colonial occupation got liberated.
Zambian Army personnel are constantly out of the country on peacekeeping duties and come back with exemplary military mentions.
Zambia is generally known for its peace and serenity.
And the main players that have seen Zambia curve itself such a name are the defence personnel in their various layers from the Zambia Police rising up to the Zambia Army.
It is forever important that these men and women in uniform get to remain just how important they are in maintaining peace and stability in the country.
Our sister newspaper, the Sunday Times of Zambia, carried a story where the Chief of Staff Deputy Zambia Army Commander Major- General Geoffrey Zyeele reminded the soldiers about the importance of being loyal to the nation.
Maj-Gen Zyeele told the soldiers that their primary task is to safeguard the sovereignty of the country from both internal and external aggression.
This fact can not be overstated. And it can also not be denied that the majority of people in this world do not want to see war or any form of military instability.
The world is lately seeing some pockets of military instabilities with the Ukraine-Russia conflict topping the list.
On the African content, there has been instability in various places like Mali, Niger, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan.
These are unfortunate occurrences and the message of the Deputy Zambia Army Commander sits well with us as we insist that instability negatively affect the economy and human development.
Of the 10 most dangerous countries to visit in the world, five of them are in Africa and these are Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and the Central African Republic.
President Hakainde Hichilema has stated previously that instability in one area is instability everywhere and this may explain why Africa does not get the needed Foreign Direct Investment to spur development.
We shall keep looking to the well-disciplined Zambia Army personnel who are the envy of the continent to uphold their discipline, loyalty to the nation and keep Zambia’s name of not just being a peaceful country but a peace builder across the continent and beyond.