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Succession wrangles for Mwanachingwala chiefdom to be resolved outside court

The Mwanachingwala Chieftaincy factions have yesterday announced their decision to reconcile and settle the succession dispute outside courts.

Speaking on behalf of the Mwanachingwala family, Debson Hanambe said the family has come to the realization that succession wrangles are detrimental to the development of the chiefdom and have decided to settle the conflict and restore peace in the chiefdom.

Mr. Hanambe, who is the oldest of the five contenders further announced that all contenders will meet next month on September 9, for possible conclusion on the matter and select the successor on the same day.

“We have agreed to settle the matter outside the Court and go back home to choose the successor. We have agreed that on the 9th of September all contenders will come together to come to a conclusion and possibly select the right person on the same day,” he said

And Chieftainess Muwezwa of Itezhitezhi district says the decision by the disputing parties to settle the dispute out of Court sets a good example to the Country.

She said the Mwanachingwala Chiefdom is rich in natural resources, which risk being mismanaged by prolonged succession wrangles and has tasked the family to follow the right process as prescribed by tradition in selecting the next successor

“Am very happy that the royal members have come together to settle the matter out of court and to take it home. You’re one of our neighbours for Muwezwa chiefdom and you have rich natural resources and by prolonging the succession, all the animals and all the resources in the chiefdom will be gone,” he said

Meanwhile, Local Government and Rural Development Minister Garry Nkombo says the President is extremely happy with the resolve by the disputing parties to withdraw the matter from court and settle outside Court.

Mr Nkombo said government will not interfere in chiefdom succession disputes as clearly stated by President Hakainde Hichilema and has thanked the contenders for their decision to withdraw the matter from Court.

“Today is a very happy day for our President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema who after I took over office made a clear pronouncement that government will not interfere with affairs of chiefdom succession disputes,” he said.

He said succession matters cannot be resolved by the court or government.

He has since assured support to the family as it goes through the process of selecting a new successor.

“There is no court in this Country, I contempt there is also no government that can adjudicate over the issue of who is the suitable successor of any Chiefdom,” he said

Also present at the announcement was Chief Ndambo from Mwinilunga and Chief Chipepo of Chirundu and Gwembe.

The Mwanachingwala Chieftainship fell vacant after the death of Chief Mwanachingwala Charles Malambo in 2020.