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The Insanity of Defarming HH: Say he “is not a Christian On Facebook”–1 year in Prison!

By Kapya Kaoma

The insanity of Zambian courts is appalling. Why sentence a person to one year in prison for calling HH “not a Christian” on Facebook? Is this not a mockery of justice and an attack on democracy? Unless his narcissistic Machiavellianism is tamed, HH’s insecurity will prove costly on the nation. People will revolt to defend their democratic rights–it is just a matter of time.

But this sentence speaks to the rottenness of our judicial system. Which law prohibits one from saying Kapya is not a Christian? And who defines a “Christian,” and how do we prove HH is a Christian? HE is SDA. Yet many SDAs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals, and Christian Fundamentalists wrongly believe the Pope is an Antichrist. This is the reason some Zambian SDA felt insulted when HH met Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Moreover, what constitutes a “Christian” changes based on one’s religious convictions and beliefs. Is holding diverse religious opinions now a crime? Had the judge consulted theologians, for example, the term Antichrist has been applied to individuals, authoritarian regimes, and emperors. So why should calling HH Antichrist, satanist or freemason send people to jail. Worse still, when did claiming one is not a Christian become defamatory? Is HH so sacred to be socially and politically defined? Or is the only one with sacred rights to negatively define others? Pungwa’s curse has been cast upon us; to whatever Pungwa utters, Zambians must shout, “Amen!” Our human rights are being robbed by the same man who promised to uphold human rights and defend democracy–the New Dark Regime indeed!

Yet one doesn’t need to be in Pungwa’s cult to understand where we are headed–a nation without freedom of expression and association. Across the globe, such authoritarian and Machiavellian tactics are engines of political violence–people revolt against psychopaths. Is it not just 9 months ago when UPND cadres and the god of Ballycountry were busy insulting Lungu? Didn’t today’s god of rotten and unjust courts insult Mwanawasa, Sata, and Banda? So why wasn’t it a crime then? One thing has changed–the President’s corruption of courts.

Judges are campaigning to keep their jobs, but they are not stupid either. Like the Inspector of Police, they know that it is wrong to persecute HH’s opponents, but must impress an insecure baby President. Call him a liar, Pungwa, tribalist, ubututu, not a Christian and Antichrist you rot in jail. Instead, call him a saintly Christian for his lies; praise him for setting the price of fertilizer at K250 and for the bag of ubunga you just bought at K50. Thank him for fulfilling his pledge to make fuel K5 and for reducing the prices for basic things. Praise him for performing traditional rituals and working with Seer 1. It is what Christians do–they lie and lie!

Chiluba should be shouting in his grave, “Poor Zambians, what bewitched you? When did you surrender your sovereign rights to freedom of expression and association?” Even during the worst dictatorial rule of the 1980s, the KK regime didn’t arrest people for saying Kaunda was not a Christian. Didn’t we attack Kaunda for his love of Eastern religions? We are now an evil theocracy–the king of liars is a god. Yahweh forbid! We must put an end to this insanity.

HH’s behavior speaks to something we must put an end to; the dictatorship of Kagame has no room in Zambia. It is foolish for judges to persecute people opposed to HH’s self-evident narcissistic Machiavellianism. Imagine if someone else caused the traffic saga against a sitting President in Mongu. Imagine if someone called the President Chimbwi. Imagine if someone called the President stupid. Imagine if someone claimed to receive Intelligence reports before the President. That was in Zambia before the self-promoting narcissistic Pungwa became President. Alas we watch simply because we are informed that the client of Seer 1 is a saint! I don’t have sympathy for such injustices, especially when promoted by courts of law. It is simply an insult to justice! We are not going to be forced to worship an idol in Bally.

In a democratic nation, definition of your opponents is critical to political mobilization. So how else would people define him if freedom of expression with friends on Facebook is curtailed? Inculcating extreme fear in citizens is an autocratic way of HH’s self-protection. Yet I won’t become a satanist by worshiping the Bally idol. Nonetheless, his lies will continue to explode. HH must start building more and more prisons. Millions of Zambians are not bewitched into this judicial corruption–one day, they will revolt violently. Sadly, as more and more people are arrested for expressing themselves, Zambia’s global standing is tarnished. Bally worshipers and the Hichilema Human Rights Commission, however, cannot see this corruption of justice! But soon, they might end up victims of his egomaniac insecurity. Citizens will always find means of clipping Pungwa’s wings–rendering him flight-incapable!

Is it not Bob Marley who sang, “Time will tell. You think you are living in heaven when you’re living in Hell!”

Time will tell indeed.