President Hakainde Hichilema, welcomed the UK Foreign Secretary, The Right Honourable James Cleverly, MP, to State House. This visit holds great significance as it marks the first such meeting in over three decades.

The high-level meeting focused on enhancing bilateral ties and exploring opportunities for partnership in various sectors of the Zambian economy. Both nations expressed their commitment to collaborating in key areas such as mining, energy, and agriculture, with the shared goal of improving the lives of citizens in both countries.

One of the primary objectives of the collaboration is to prioritize value addition to Zambian raw materials. By adding value to these resources, Zambia aims to create more employment opportunities for its citizens and generate increased revenue for the nation’s development.

President Hakainde Hichilema expressed gratitude to the United Kingdom for its continuous support in various areas, including education, health, and good governance. The longstanding partnership between the two nations has contributed significantly to the advancement of crucial sectors and has bolstered Zambia’s progress in key areas.

In his concluding remarks, President Hichilema expressed his hope that this visit would pave the way for more interactions and cooperation, bringing lasting benefits to the people of both Zambia and the United Kingdom.