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Vubwi woman stabs husband’s “chick”

A 28-year-old woman of Vubwi district in Eastern province, is battling for her life in Chipata Central Hospital after being stabbed in the stomach by another woman following accusations of infidelity.

Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer, Limpo Liwyalii, has confirmed the incident in Vubwi in a statement identifying the victim as 28-year-old Judith Phiri of Chigwaya village in Chief Pembamoyo’s area.

Mr Liwyalii said the incident happened on Saturday September 23, 2023.

He revealed that the victim sustained a deep cut on the right side of her torso after being stabbed with a knife by her 29-year-old counterpart Margret Nyambi of Kalikongwe village.

And the husband to the accused, Isaac Mwale, said the incident happened after his wife went looking for him at the house of the victim, who is his girlfriend.

Mr Mwale, who is also a Councilor for Vubwi central narrated his side of story stating that on Friday he had gone to visit a friend in Mzebe area where he spent a night and returned to Kalikongwe village the next day but did not go straight home.

He added that he only learnt of the incident from the sister to the victim whom he spent a night with in Kalikongwe village.

“I accept that this girl and I have something, so it looks like it was a preconceived idea from my wife to hurt her,” he lamented.

And an eye witness, Bertha Mwale, said after stabbing the victim, Ms Nyambi ran and hid in the nearby bushes but only returned with an intention of hiding in a group of people that had gathered to see the woman who had been stabbed and was calling for help.

Ms Mwale said Ms Nyambi was later identified and arrested because a knife which was stained with blood dropped out of her chitenge.

“After she came out of the bushes, a blood stained knife fell from her Chitenje and people singled her out,” she said.

The victim was later rushed to Chipata Central Hospital where she is receiving medical attention while her attacker is in police custody.