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Alexiou Gibson hopes to get the ‘sharks’ to bitetonight on ‘Shark Tank’

Bahamian Alexiou Gibson, 35, will be among a group of budding entrepreneurs taking a chance at making their dreams come true by convincing five self-made, multi-millionaire tycoons (known as “the sharks”) to part with their own hard-earned cash and give them the funding they need to jumpstart their business ideas on “Shark Tank” tonight on ABC.

Gibson, CEO of The Transformation Factory (TTF), a sea moss company, appears on tonight’s season finale with “sharks” Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and guest “shark” Kevin Hart.

Gibson, an entrepreneur from Wellington, Florida, introduces his line of health products using nature’s most powerful superfood – sea moss, which helped him transform his life. He will also speak to growing his team from three people to 45, and of his company’s 200,000 customers.

“It’s an honor to help grow the sea moss market for all sea moss entrepreneurs, giving this amazing superfood a bigger platform for the world to learn about,” wrote Gibson on a social media post.

“I started making sea moss to build my [late] grandmother’s [Edwina Williamson] immune system.” He refers to his grandmother as his first employee and official taste tester.

Gibson’s TTF offers nine sea moss gel flavors – elderberry, strawberry, strawberry/banana, mango, dragon fruit, goji berry, pineapple, soursop (guanbana) and raw. Other products include sea moss capsules and wild-crafted Irish sea moss (raw).

Gibson, who was born and raised in Grand Bahama and is the son of Mavis Pinder-Smith and Alexander Gibson, is one of a number of aspiring entrepreneurs presenting various business ideas to the moguls in hopes of landing an investment in their ideas. Ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts to ruthless investors to convince them to invest in the concept.

Tonight’s episode also features former college students from Chicago, Illinois, pitching their online marketplace designed to help current and past college athletes cash in on their fame, while a professional boxer from Houston, Texas, steps into the ring and presents his all-in-one total body fitness tool designed to take workouts to the next level. And a vegan entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas, presents his plant-based approach to a fast food favorite on the season finale.

Through TTF, Gibson helps motivate and inspire others on their journey – whatever that may be. He has lost over 300 pounds to date and leads the company as a continuation of his own transformation from one seeking answers, to one providing answers.

He says TTF is the culmination of his more than 10 years of battling health issues, and that he has used every disappointment, achievement, heartbreak, success, and learning moment to create the concept of TTF as a resource and inspiration for those trying to become their best selves.

Gibson started his transformation in 2014 when a doctor told him that he would not live to see the age of 30. He tipped the scale at over 500 pounds at age 19. At that time, he was plagued with multiple chronic conditions. He also had respiratory conditions making it difficult to walk long distances. Today, he has completely changed his life, and lives a vegan lifestyle, powers through dips and squats, and finds any opportunity he can to coach, inspire and encourage. It is this version of Gibson that the “sharks” will see tonight.

Fun facts about Gibson: he helped build the Curiosity Rover prototype for Mars with NASA, and studied to be a biochemical engineer.