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Police chief: Scrap bail for serious criminals

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander speaking at a Rotary meeting yesterday. Photo: Austin Fernander

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander speaking at a Rotary meeting yesterday. Photo: Austin Fernander


POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander says he fully supports Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe’s position that people charged with serious crimes should be kept in custody rather than be released on bail.

According to the commissioner yesterday, 55 percent of murder victims for the year were on bail.

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe had earlier told a local daily that people charged with murder should be kept in custody for their own protection.

According to Mr Munroe, more than 30 men who were out on bail this year were murdered.

 The commissioner added that there could also be swift justice by allowing persons to go straight to trial and alleviate instances of retaliation.

 “If you’re lucky enough to get off base on some things happening, then that’s fine,” he said. “But let’s bring these matters in a reasonable time.

 He stressed that: “We have to move towards this.”

 Additionally, the commissioner highlighted Operation Ceasefire, which has been used in targeting prolific gang members along with removing firearms and drugs off the streets.

 Gang violence has been an ongoing issue in the country, particularly with gang activities and affiliations happening amongst schools.

 When asked if the police have any strategies put in place to combat gang violence in schools, the commissioner responded that they are working in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

 Mr Fernander noted that they have a plan which should be rolled out shortly.

 He added: “As we speak, we have a team of security officers who will be assisting the police in the schools who are training now, a one-week training course at the police college.”

 These plans with the Ministry of Education were ongoing, he reiterated.

 In terms of the ShotSpotter system, he said officials had just signed a contract last week to extend the system for certain areas that are high in crime.

 Mr Fernander explained the ShotSpotter has been working and providing the necessary data needed.