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DPP Says President Chakwera is a ‘Congenital Liar’

Main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says President Lazarus Chakwera was dishonest in his address to Malawians on the cost of his recent trip to Switzerland and Equatorial Guinea respectively.

In a statement signed by its National Organizing Secretary Chimwemwe Chipungu, the party says it has concrete evidence that the trip cost taxpayers over the 300 million kwacha which government say was spent.

The statement also describes the president’s address as indifferent, empty and added it provided no solace to the misery and pain Malawians are going through, as it allegedly did not provide answers and solutions.

But the Tonse led government insists that the DPP cannot offer tangible solutions on the table as it was the one that messed up the economy of the country when it was in power.-ZODIAK ONLINE

  1. Chakwera is a perpetual liar and at times one wonders if he really was once a pastor. His lying and crookedness leaves quite a lot to be desired in a pastor.

    Telling the nation that he used such a small amount to hire a Jet for 9 days or so is not being serious. He is talking as if he is facing children who can’t reason or think. This man took with him millions of Kwachas in allowances for himself and his wife, let alone the lapdogs that accompanied him. He surely needs to sit down and reflect on his utterances and choose the audiences properly. What Prof. Danwood Chirwa said this other day was true. Chakwera is in total denial. He can not differentiate the congregation he used to preach to and the Malawian citizens who come in different classes and standards. He must be ashamed of himself to see that there is just too much on his plate to clear. In the civilised world a person with a sound mind all he does is to resign after having failed to manage a public office, mainly when it means that office you’re failing to uphold you literally campaigned for it; meaning when you went out there to woo voters you already had a blueprint where you could fallback onto in case things were not going well. He shouldn’t wait to get pushed by Malawians who are left bamboozled in the manner he is handling people’s livelihood.