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Man Confesses To B00nking His Biological Mother, Sister ‘I am addicted to s3x’

A young man from Kumasi has spoken up about his sex addiction and how it has devastated his life.

The man told Sompa Fm in Suame that he can’t control his sex urges and feels like doing it every second of the day.

It began when he was very young, according to him, and continued until he lost control in Senior High School.

He admitted that once and a time, when the drive was too strong, he rubbed his thing on his sleepy sister.

This became routine to the point where he attempted to sleep with her while she was fast asleep.

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He then moved on to his niece, attempting to undress her but she shouted at her.

The young man claims that he fantasizes about his own mother at times, and that one day he tried to force himself on her while she was sleeping.

He admitted that the addiction is so strong that he has to rub his thing against hard objects till it goes away.

When the urge strikes, the boy says he rubs it on his bed and occasionally on wood.

This addiction has damaged his life by causing him to overthink everything, so he’s turned to heavy drugs to get high and forget about his problems.

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