PM Orban urges SMEs to be gov't serious partner involved in supporting foundations for economic decisions

Ludovic Orban

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the business community should be "a serious partner of the government's," a partner involved in supporting the foundations that will lead to impactful economic decisions, according to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, as reported by AGERPRES.

"You can rest assured that my participation is not a participation that is predicated, say on some political-electoral considerations, but it is a participation that is predicated on my conviction that the business community, SMEs, should be a serious partner of the government's, a partner involved in supporting the foundations that lead to decisions that have an effect on the Romanian economy. The government I lead has been open to permanent dialogue and it is and will continue to be open to dialogue with leaders of the business community, many of the decisions were taken in discussions, debates with representatives of the business environment. (...) It is our belief is that a country where there is a friendly business community, a country where there is economic initiative, there is a partnership between entrepreneurs and governmental decision-makers, is a country doing well. A country where business is doing well is a country where everyone can live better. Our fundamental objective is to be constantly attentive to what is happening in the business community in order to generate many governmental programmes, projects, decisions to support the business community," Orban declared, on Friday, at the" National Ranking of Romania's Privately-owned Companies," an event organised by the National Council of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

He mentioned some of the measures taken by the government in support of the business community, including postponing loan repayments.

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