PSD's Cazanciuc: Orban gov't proves once again that he is incompoentent in relation to child allowances

Robert Cazanciuc

The interim president of the Senate, the Social Democrat Robert Cazanciuc, claims that the Orban Government has proven, "once again", its "incompetence" and "dilettantism", in the context in which CCR (Constitutional Court of Romania) rejected, as unfounded, the constitutional challenge filed by the current Executive regarding the doubling of the child allowance, and the Prime Minister states that he will "not take into account" this decision.

"The cynicism and hypocrisy of the Orban Government have reached the maximum! Orban does not want to double the child allowance! Today, CCR was right and unanimously decided that the law on doubling the child allowance, initiated and adopted by PSD MPs, is constitutional. Orban has once again learned a lesson and proved his incompetence and dilettantism. Orban said he would disregard the CCR's decision and do everything he had already decided on the child allowance: a five-step increase, until 2022," Cazanciuc wrote on Facebook.

According to him, the current Government "does not care about families with children, pensions, teachers' salaries, does not care about Romanians and we see that they are only interested in filling their party's electoral piggy-bank, from businesses with smart boys during the pandemic, to put his relatives and relatives in positions paid for with a lot of money and to lie to the Romanians."

He urged voters to go to the polls on Sunday. "Let's all go to the polls, on September 27, to prove to them that we are more and we are not as naive as they think we are!," Robert Cazanciuc said.

The Constitutional Court of Romania decided, on Thursday, to reject the Government's notification regarding the Law rejecting GEO No. 123/2020 on the modification of article 3 of Law 61/1993 on the child allowance.

"It rejected, as unfounded, the constitutional challenge filed by the Romanian Government and found that the Law on the rejection of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 123/2020 modifying article 3 of Law no. 61/1993 on the allowance is constitutional," reads the minutes of the decision.

Following the announcement of the CCR decision, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, in Focsani, said that the children's allowance would be doubled in five stages, as previously decided by the Government.

"The National Liberal Party (PNL) will double the allowance, as decided, in five steps, with the last steps scheduled for July 1 2022. For now, all that we have is an announcement made by the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) and we are waiting for the explanatory, depending on which we will decide what to do next. In our opinion, increasing allowances is a priority (...), but we must do it while considering the economic reality, and the available resources, so that this won't be a deceitful increase that we will not be able to sustain and that will generate disadvantageous economic consequences," PM Orban told a press conference.


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