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11 points from 6 riot hearings

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(CNN) When the {17 Americans stop to celebrate Independence Day, it's worth considering the whole thing we've learned about theriot attemptthat tried to undo it.

A rough overview of former President DonaldTrump's instigation against the January 6, 2021 US Capitol riotand to cancel his lost 2020 elections His efforts were obvious to anyone following his unplugged Twitter feed.
However, the House Committee investigating the lead-up to the intrusionhas provided essential details in the six hearings so far.

No new inquiry is scheduled until later this month as the Commission will take its own break. The most important things we have learned so far are:

The threat is not over

The mob can be imprisoned, and the committee is a committee of Trump and some of his allies. Liz Cheney, a Republican in Wyoming, who is vice chairman of the 2020 election, has undermined the 2020 elections, but the riots are not completely over.

Chainy is one of the few Republicans to keep blaming Trump out loud and is at risk of losing a primary in Wyoming later this summer. She said other Republican leaders "voluntarily took hostages on this dangerous and irrational man."

Trump wanted to participate in the Capitol march, so secret service may have stopped him

This week's sixth hearing In a hurry, we featured a blockbuster testimony fromCassidy Hutchinson. This is a former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

It was primarily based on hearsay, but what other former aides and White House officials told her was incredible.

The most vivid of Hutchinson's remarks is that he was angry that Trump would not be taken to the Capitol on January 6 and tried to grab the president's car handle from a Secret Service agent. That was what I did. He wanted to lead a protester. These are the same protesters who will eventually be hit by a life-threatening storm for his vice president.

Trump had a temper after his loss

Ketchup thrown on the wall of the White House, a dish thrown on the angry ground Talking to emotions, her explanation goes through Trump when he faces a loss of power. This probably helps explain why the people in the White House were so difficult to influence him.

Investigation is not over

The June Commission hearing overturns the plot's election. However, it is becoming clear that the Commission is learning new things and following the lead.

"Bomb" Hutchinson's testimonyled the Commission to issue a subpoena toformer White House adviser Pat SiporoneWhite House lawyer Is a public hearing. However, he was also a White House lawyer and was usually protected from Congressional testimony.

Siporone specifically defended Trump in the first impeachment trial of the former president, but witnesses said he urged White House aides to accept the election results and deputy Mike Pence. Discard the election results from certain states that challenged the crackpot theory that the president could simply do.

Trump's orbit may be trying to influence the testimony

Chainy is on Tuesday when people involved with Trump threaten themCNN later reported that one of the witnesses who felt threatened was Hutchinson, who said the two witnesses thought they might be trying. The committee hid her identity before the hearing, fearing her safety.

Pence was the key to the plot. And he was the target of a riot

The only hope of maintaining his power after Trump lost the election was in certain states by Vice President Mike Pence. Was to reject the election results. Voter vote count. Trump turned on the Vice President when Pence refused to agree with the illegal plan. It was pushed bylawyer John Eastman

, and protesters who attacked the Capitol approached nearly 40 feet from Pence. The third hearing of

features testimony from former Pence lawyer Greg Jacob explaining Eastman's pressure campaign that continued after the January 6 riots. did.

This is one side of the story

Remember two Republicans, Illinois Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (both opponents of Trump) It's always important to keep it. -Join the committee. Neither may appear in Congress next year. Chainy could lose her next Republican primary (please wait) and Kinzinger hasn't run for reelection.

The Democratic Party has blocked Trump's supporters, who questioned the effectiveness of the election, from joining the committee. Some of these Republicans we now know have demanded amnesty from Trump for their efforts to undermine the elections on his behalf.

Many of Trump's closest White House associates refused to testify, but others provided important information, such as text messages, to the Commission, as was the case with Meadows.

Trump's efforts to influence ballot counting have spread

From leaked audio tapes, Trump "finds" a vote in Georgia authorities to win There, after he lost the official ballot, he already knew what he personally wanted to get in. The fourth hearing of

puts pressure on both Georgia and Arizona officials to create fake voter slate on major battlefields. I recorded my personal involvement. He states he lost.

Trump's conspiracy theory shook the Department of Justice

Former Attorney General Bilber's recorded testimony is the second hearing of{120 It was taken up prominently in }. Trump revealed that his belief that the election was stolen from him was wrong and he was even said to be ridiculous.
Barr eventually resigned, leaving a blank space in the Justice Ministry. The remaining leaders unite and become the focus of the5th Hearing, where Trump seeks out his ally, environmental lawyer Jeffrey Clark, to enforce federal law on his side. Considered a large resignation to put it down. In this case, the government opposed the possibility of a coup.

Riots thought they were getting clues from Trump after Trump refused to accept his loss

June The Commission'sfirst hearingtook a video from Trump and included testimony from a riot, an injured Parliamentary police officer, and his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He recorded interviews with members of his administration to show how decisive and dangerous the riots were. It ended with a montage of riots that they specifically thought they were bidding on Trump.

These hearings may be influential

Most of the committees are Democrats, but most witnesses are Republicans. If there is one lasting consequence of this, not everyone may be facing criminal accusations for trying to undermine US elections. But that can seriously hurt Trump's political future. It's not always clear that you're looking at Fox, but read thiseditorial from the conservative Washington Examinerafter explaining that Hutchinson was working at the White House during the riots.

According to the paper, "Trump is shameful." "The Republicans have a much better option to lead the party in 2024. You shouldn't think about anything else, let alone support him again."

This is Trump It's an important feeling because he wants to run for the president again, which is his current plan.