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2024 Watch: Cotton's Summer Travel Plan Shows the Possibility of a Republican Presidential Election

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Arkansas Senator Tom Cottonwill return to Iowa's first state of Caucus this week.

On Thursday, Cotton, a veteran of the Republican army who participated in the war between Iraq and Afghanistan, will headline the annual funding dinner of the Story County Iowa GOP. ..

Also, a few days ago, I learned that Cotton will return to New Hampshire, which holds the first primary of the Presidential Nomination Calendar next month. Senator will head the state GOP's annual golf tournament on August 16th in the picturesque Wentworth of the Sea Golf Club in Rye, New Hampshire.

Faced with nominal opposition as they easily re-elected in the bright red Arkansas in 2020, Cotton has traversed the country for the past year and a half,mid-November. Helped a fellow Republican running in the electionAnd he stopped by Iowa and New Hampshire many times.

COTTON's new book aims at a democrat over a plot of suspicions about "SABOTAGE AMERICAN POWER"

"This is cotton Senators and others do so by moving forward, making their own decisions, building relationships in these early states, and holding events for other candidates. " "Senior Cotton focused on helping Parties in Iowa and New Hampshire succeed in 2022, but also on establishing relationships and laying the foundation for other possibilities. "

Cotton publicly blames when asked about 2024.

"I haven't made any decisions about the future right now. The election we see at our front is the 2022 election." Cotton stopped by New Hampshire in December. I told Fox News when I was there.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas sits down for an interview with Fox News at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, in Goffstown, N.H. on Dec. 3, 2021

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton for an interview Sit at Fox News and(Fox News)

at the New Hampshire Political Institute in Goffstown, N.H. on December 3, 2021. National campaign for top donors and advisors at the Hay Adams Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. And Mr Cotton said the decision to run for president would be made after the mid-term elections in November. The news of the rally was first reported by Politico.

Cotton push to support the people of the Republic in 2022 was able to pay dividends in 2024

The meeting Later,Cotton told Fox News "We'll see what happens after the interim period."

As a member of the New Hampshire Republican National Commission (RNC) One Chris Ager recently told Fox News that Cotton's visit to Granite State was "very important for funding."

Agers who remain neutral at GOP Primary as a member of the RNC Committee will see Cotton resonate with New Hampshire Republicans if they decide to run for the White House in the 2024 cycle. Said you can see. "Senator Cotton has been at the forefront of clarifying the Republican message nationwide," he said.

Haley says she will run "if there is a place for me" in 2024

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki HaleyI returned to Iowa last week as the UN ambassador for the Trump administration. 

Haley is the main attraction of the Iowa GOP Regional Reception in Dubke on Wednesday, and on Thursday at the Sue Center in the conservative northwestern part of Hawkeye. We decorated the headline of the annual family picnic fund-raising activity. ..

From a Sue Center reporter, her 2024 decision was deadly to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 to revoke the current parliamentary accreditation of the Biden Presidential Election University. Haley did not answer directly to the victory over Trump when asked if it would be affected by the proceedings of the parliamentary hearing on the attack. 

HALEY's trip to the new Hampshire in 2022 was able to pay dividends in 2024

But , She provided the heading, "I am delighted to serve the country that raised me and protect my favorite country. And if there seems to be a place for me next year, I lost the race. No. I'm not going to start now. I'll put in 1,000% and complete.

Grenell stops at Iowa 

Rick Grenell, acting director of the National Intelligence Service during the Trump administration, also visited Iowa last week.

If Trump decides to start another White House run, Glenn, who some experts consider to be a potential running mate, said Wednesday in the West Side of Urbandale, Iowa. I talked to the Conservative Club on Thursday to the Dallas County GOP.

Pompeo advertises in Iowa and South Carolina

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo along with Haley, Cotton and former Vice President Mike Pence is the presidential nominee for early voting Frequent visitors toemphasized in his first advertisement by the Political Action Committee that "the right to prayanytime, anywhere is fundamental."

Digital Spot started on Monday.A conservative majority of the Supreme Court,, ruled in the main opinion that public school officials have the constitutional right to pray publicly. Guide students to pray during school events.

Trump, Pence, Admiration Highest Court ROE V. Wade's ruling, but Pence advances Avotion Fight

And advertising Pompeo, a Fox News contributor, could start running the White House in 2024 as spots are running in Iowa and South Carolina, which will vote third on the GOP Presidential Nomination Calendar. Social conservatives play a huge role in the Republican politics of both states.

"They are not just words. They are not just actions. They make us. They lift us up, inspire us, and save us," Pompeo said. Says in a video ad of people praying. "I'm Mike Pompeo. This is us. Together, let's never revoke our religious freedom and the right to pray." 

This ad Was the first ad from Pompeo's Champion American Value PAC, a former member of Kansas, CIA director and top US diplomat in the Trump administration, and ran in the November midterm elections last year. Help him travel the country to help fellow Republicans who are

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Pompeo's political orbital sources told Fox News to expect more ads from the Commission.

Paul Steinhauser is a New Hampshire-based political reporter.