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2024 Watch: Pompeo advertises after a Supreme Court school prayer ruling in Iowa, South Carolina

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo emphasizes in his first advertisement by the Political Action Committee thathas the right to pray "anytime, anywhere".

Digital Spot was launched on Monday as a majority of theConservatives of the Supreme Court,is the main opinion, and public school officials have the constitutional right to pray publicly. I ruled that I have. Guide students in prayer during school events.

And because the spots are operating in the first and third states to vote on the Republican Presidential Nomination Calendar, Iowa and South Carolina, this ad was put up by the Pompeo White House in 2024. It has sparked more speculation about its potential to be operated. A state where social conservative voters play a huge role in Republican politics.

High school football coach wins prayer on the best court

"They are not just words. They are just. It's not action. They make us. They lift us up, inspire us, and save us, "Pompeo says in an ad about images of people praying. "I'm Mike Pompeo. This is us. Together, let's never revoke our religious freedom and the right to pray." 

Monday After the Supreme Court ruling in the morning, Pompeo said on Twitter, "The right to pray anytime, anywhere is fundamental. That right was confirmed today in Kennedy's Supreme Court. Bremerton's decision. I am based on this victory. We are excited to continue to secure our inviolable right to religious freedom! ”

This ad is the first from Pompeo's champion American Values ​​PAC and is the CIA. It was set up last year by a former Senator of Kansas, who served as director and top US diplomat in the Trump administration, as a means of supporting his trip. A country supporting fellow Republicans running in the November midterm elections.

POMPEOHINTS2024 POMPEOHINTS2024 Political Action Committee is an acronym for CAVPAC But it is also known. Pompeo points out his service as an Army platoon leader and cavalry executive officer during the Cold War in Europe after graduating from West Point. Pompeo's political orbital sources told Fox News to expect more advertising from the Commission.

Former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo speaks during the Family Leader summit in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday, July 16, 2021.

Former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is the family leader Lecture Summit held in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday, July 16, 2021. South Carolina, and New Hampshire, which votes second on the GOP nomination calendar and holds the country's first presidential primary, and Nevada, fourth on the Republican schedule, support fellow Republicans. If Fox News contributor Pompeo finally decides to launch a presidential campaign, the friends and relationships currently established will be able to pay dividends next year and 2024.

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Pompeo Spot is the first ad by the White House candidate in 2024 Looks like one of the, it's not the first one out of the gate. These honors seem to be given to Trump. Trump'sSaveAmerica PACadvertised in September criticizing President Biden for the US turmoil and intense criticism from Afghanistan.

Paul Steinhauser is a New Hampshire-based political reporter.