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Three people charged with helping Mall of America shooting suspect escape

Police arrested and charged three people, including two Best Western Hotel employees. Mall of America flees the authorities. Denesh Ragbir, 21, Serena Ragbir, 23, and Delyany Kwen-Sean Arnold, 23, have been charged with helping criminals avoid being caught, according to the criminal complaint. 

Last Thursday, the Mall of America was placed on lockdown at the  Bloomington, Minnesota shopping center. Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges said there was an altercation near the checkout area at a Nike store between two groups, Hodges said one of the groups left but then returned and One shot his three shots into the store. No injuries have been reported. 

At a press conference on Monday, Hodges identified the suspected shooter as Shamar Lark, who is 21 years old. Carrying a firearm or pistol in a public place without a permit, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County.

His alleged accomplice, 23-year-old Rashad May, is being investigated for suspicion of helping criminals avoid being arrested. , court documents show. 

Rashad May and Shamar Lark Hennepin County/CBS
{34 Hodges told reporters that Lark and May lost a brawl involving multiple other people at a Nike store in the Mall of America.Hodges said May urged Lark to shoot the store. After Lark fired three shots into a crowded sneaker store, the two fled the scene. Hodges said he asked for help escaping the mall. Arnold then contacted her general, his manager, girlfriend Serena, her Ragville, her assistant at Best Western Hotel, near the mall, and sent her cousin Danesh, another employee at the hotel, to the hotel. We drove the shuttle to the IKEA parking lot and picked up Lark. According to Hodges, May.

Denesh Her Ragville then takes Lark and May to Besther Western where Arnold picks them up and Serena takes them to the Bloomington house he shares with Ragville Go, said Hodges.

Hodges said Denesh lied to officers who tracked his shuttle to the Best Western into believing the two suspects were still at the hotel after they left. Police then cordon off the hotel and search for Lark and May. 

"We have been there for a long time, looking for them," Hodges said.  

mall-of-america-shooting-accomplices.jpg 47} Deryany Arnold, Denesh Ragville, Serena Ragville Hennepin County/CBS

The criminal complaint also states that "Serena Ragville, Denesh Ragville, Arnold Assistance and false information provided to police allowed [two men] to flee and thwarted the investigation into the mall shooting." America's. 

Lark and May are on the run with national arrest warrants. Police warned that others who offered their assistance would also be arrested. 

"In a free society, we enjoy all the freedom we have when we shoot into crowded shopping mall shops to show a complete lack of respect for humanity." I can't continue," Hodges said Monday. "We as a society cannot tolerate that." 

On Monday, Best Western released a statement supporting the hotel's decision to fire the Raghubir cousins, citing their actions. 

"We are deeply saddened by the riots at the Mall of America last week and our thoughts are with the people of Minneapolis." We are with the community," the statement read. "Noting that this hotel is independently owned and operated, we support the hotel's decision to immediately terminate the employees allegedly involved in this horrific event. These employees' actions It's a stark contrast to our brand values ​​and sense of community.It's the heart of our hotel family.”

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