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Three Texas counties proclaiming border emergencies over an "unprecedented" crisis

Three counties in Texas are expected to declare a state of emergency at the crossroads of a record number of illegal immigrants. This blows up the crisis at the US-Mexico border as "unprecedented."

County leaders in Kinney, Goliad, and Uvalde counties will make a "significant announcement on the upcoming state of emergency" at a press conference in Brackettville on Tuesday. press release.

When the post asked for comment on Monday, the staff of the three disgusted counties were not available, but many Texas border countieshave been fighting a surge in illegal intersections. Therefore, you can see a bold movement.

Immigrant encounters reported along the US-Mexico border made history again in May — according to the latest available monthly Customs and Border Protection statistics {13. }, Reached an astonishing 239,416 encounters.

This number is the maximum number of  migrant encounters recorded in the past month, and the total number of migrant encounters in 2022is 170. Over 10,000 people

"I think they're trying to come up with options and some sort of solution. After all, the federal government isn't doing that job and these areas Society needs to come up with a solution, "said Robert Nettleton, County Commissioner of the neighboring Barberde County.

Migrants are apprehended by US Border Patrol and National Guard troops in Eagle Pass, Texas, on May 22, 2022.
The figure is the highest number of migrant encounters recorded  in one month ever and brings the total migrant encounters in FY 2022 to more than 1.7 million.
Paul Raje via Getty Images / AFP
County leaders in Kinney County, Goliad County and Uvalde County will make the "important announcement about forthcoming emergency declarations."
County leaders in Kinney, Goliad and Uvalde counties "An important announcement about the upcoming state of emergency."

Land-owning ranchers near the border often see smuggling of humans and drugs on their land. In small towns, human smugglers often experience dangerous high-speed tracking because they cannot attract border guard agents to stop. they.

The state of emergency states that the state of emergency is a way for small, resource-poor communities to raise money from state and federal governments.

El Paso, Lone Star's sixth largest city, considered declaring an immigration emergency in May, but with more funding from the federal government. After knowing that I wouldn't receive it, I withdrew it and had already obtained it.

The number of reported migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border once again made history in May — hitting a staggering 239,416 encounters.
A Border Patrol boat navigates the Rio Grande river near Eagle Pass, Texas.
AP Photo / Dario Lopez-Mills
Three Texas counties are expected to declare a state of emergency over the record number of illegal migrant crossings.
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However, the latest urgent declaration isafter Kinney County Sheriff Bradkow illegally transferred four migrants. Local sheriffs do not have the authority to force immigrants and may face legal issues. law.

"He's frustrated, frustrated, and tired of it. That's right, we're all," Nettleton said. "After all, this is a federal issue. It's not a regional issue, but we're dealing with it."

Ken Cuccinelli and the other number of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Members of the group will also be part of the press conference, sources told the post.

Cuccinelli worked for the Department of Homeland Security under former President Donald Trump.