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5 things to know on August 10: primaries, Trump, Ukraine, monkeypox, Cuba

(CNN)Millions of Americans will be Students are returning to school. While many children are thrilled that in-person interactions are back after the pandemic has paused, some may find it a little helpful in rebuilding social ties. Seetips for supporting young people in this particularly exciting back-to-school season.

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1. Primary Elections

Primary season continues Tuesday with Wisconsin, Vermont, Minnesota and Connecticut elections were held in One of the most-watched races,, took place in the all-important battle state of Wisconsin. There, former President Donald Trump's candidate, Tim Michaels, defeated the former president's rival in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Vice President Mike Pence. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Democrat Congressman Ilhan Omar, a member of a progressive "squad," narrowly survived a close race for a seat in the Minneapolis-based House of Representatives. In Vermont, Democrat Becca Balint is on her way to becoming the first woman to represent the state in Congress. And in Connecticut, Gov. Ned Lamont and Senator Richard Blumenthal have won a Republican challenger in a re-election race they are expected to win in November.

2. Financial investigation of the Trump Organization. It is currently unknown whether theex-Presidentwill answer the question. This deposition showed Monday that an FBI raid onTrump'sFlorida residencemarked an unusual escalation of the investigation into his handling of White House documents from his presidency. Later Done. Legal experts emphasize that it is a crime to destroy or delete federal records or to mishandle classified documents. They also say that these laws threaten a penalty ofdisqualification and"from holding any office under the United States." It remains unclear how this will apply to the 2024 Trump presidential election.

3. Ukraine

EU imports of Russian coal } Ban takes effect todayBloc has already punished Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government for ordering an invasion ofUkraine, but experts say the move willThe ban is the first coordinated embargo by the EU on the enormous energy exports that drive the Russian economy and generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year. On the ground, a powerful Russian rocket and artillery attack struck several regions across Ukraine overnight, from Zaporizhia in the south to Kharkov in the north.

4. Monkeypox

The FDA has approved a modified dosing regimen for the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine, increasing supply amid high demand. Monkeypox vaccine can now be administered to high-risk adults so that health care providers can administer her five doses of the vaccine from a standard one-dose vial. The country's stockpile has risen from 441,000 to more than 2.2 million, officials said Tuesday. As of today, there are more than 9,000 probable or confirmed monkeypox monkeypox cases nationwide, according to the CDC. Officials also stress that those who are severely affected, especially gay and bisexual men, should continue to take steps to protect themselves from thevirus even after vaccination. 

5. Cuba

Massive fires in Cuba were put under control by firefighters on Tuesday - after lightning struck a large oil storage tank. 5 days later. Authorities described the fire in the city of Matanzas asthe worst in Cuban history, according to a Reuters report, which destroyed 40 percent of the Caribbean island's main fuel storage facility and caused widespread power outages. Matanzas is Cuba's largest port for imports of crude oil and fuels. Cuban heavy crude oil and fuel and diesel oil stored in 10 huge tanks at Matanzas are primarily used for power generation on the island. The giant flame came at a time when Cuba was facing a deepening energy crisis amid fuel shortages.

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