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5 things to know on August 9: Trump, floods, Ukraine, gas prices, Olivia Newton-John

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FBI STARTS MONDAYSEARCH FOR DONALD We executed the warrant at President Trump's Mara Lago Resortin Palm Beach, Florida. As part of an investigation into the handling of presidential documents, including classified documents that the president may have brought with him when he left the White House. The former president was at Trump Tower in New York when the search warrant was executed. In February, the National Archivespreviously said at least 15 boxes of his White House recordshad been recovered from the resort. Separately,photos reveal Trump's habit of flushing key White House documents down the toilet.The president's legal troubles continue on multiple fronts. Inside, an unusual move to search the former president's home has resulted. Trump will also announce in the coming months that he will launch another candidacy for the White House in 2024.

2. Floods

The United States is grappling with flood damage. Yellowstone National Park flooded in mid-June, followed by severe flooding in St. Louis and Kentucky -- and this weekend Floods in Death Valley, CaliforniaSevere floods caused numerous landslides, burying cars, shredding roads and trapping about 1,000 people in parks. Forecasts indicate more flooding is likely this week in parts of the Southwest and eastern Kentucky. Here,at least 37 people have died, with many residents still left without access to power and water after flooding earlier this month. Seoul, South Korea At least eight people died on Monday as record rainfall flooded homes, roads and subway stations.

3. Ukraine

Up to 80,000 Russians killed or wounded during war in Ukraine, according to Pentagon official Colin Carr. Karl said the casualty figures were "amazing" given that Russia "hasn't achieved any of Vladimir Putin's goals" since it invaded Ukraine in February. The Pentagon also announced that the United States had sent anti-radar missiles to Ukraine,acknowledging for the first time that the Pentagon had sent previously undisclosed weapons to support Ukrainian forces. . Separately, Russia notified the United States ofa temporary suspension of inspections under a major nuclear weapons convention. This would allow Russia and the United States to closely monitor each other's nuclear weapons. This is because US authorities are intensifying their campaign to seize valuable property frompeople close to the Kremlin.

4. Gasoline prices

The average cost of a gallon of gasoline has fallen nearly $1 from its peak in June, leaving drivers brings many benefits to - I needed financial relief at the pump. But some analysts warn prices are likely to continue to rise as oil inventories are low Barring Russia's war with Ukraine and sanctions that have disrupted oil exports. For example, analysts say oil producers are helpless and sometimes unwilling -- to increase production. U.S. oil companies are also reluctant to invest heavily in fossil fuel extraction and refining as the current administration moves toward renewable energy. Petrol prices have played a major role in fighting inflation, which financial experts say is likely to continue until 2023. 

5. Olivia Newton-John

Australian singer and actress who captivated generations of audiences in the blockbuster film Grease 's Olivia Newton-John died Monday, according to a statement from her husband. She was 73. Thesinger revealed in September 2018 that she was being treated for cancer at the base of her spine. Following her bout of breast cancer in the early '90s and her 2017, she was diagnosed with cancer for the third time.Newton Hollywood icons joined fans around the world to mourn the loss of her John. Among them is John Her Travolta, who played Newton Her John's lover in "Grease." He shared the following emotional tribute on his Instagram

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Issey Miyakeis a Japanese fashion designer who became an industry favorite with his timeless pleats,passed away. Age 84he died of cancer on his August 5th. His office confirmed to CNN today. His office said the funeral was held with his family and close friends, adding that a memorial service would not be held in line with Miyake's wishes.


This is the amount of land in the EU and UK currently suffering from drought. A new report saysthe data comes as parts of Europe endure wildfires and a spate of heatwaves, leading to one of the continent's hottest summers on record.

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"A word appeared on the screen that should never be said under any circumstances. At that moment, I didn't even understand what he was reading and was horrified as soon as he did."

-- Oklahoma Sooners assistant football coach Cale Gundyapologized for reading "shameful and hurtful" words aloud during film sessions. He has since resigned from the position.Last week, Gandhi said one of his players was "distracted" during film sessions. So the coach took the player's iPad and read aloud what he saw on the tablet. "What I said wasn't malicious. It wasn't even intentional," Gandhi wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday. He did not specify what the words were, but said he "accepts accountability" for the incident.

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