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Five Things You Should Know On July 1st: SCOTUS, Abortion, Ukraine, Brittney Griner, Travel Confusion

Today is a traditional holiday day for many people going toJuly 4th holiday weekend, of five The crew is also on the road. See you here after enjoying the sun and fireworks show on Tuesday. If you need a little distraction before the holiday celebration begins, joinCNN's Summer QuizSpeed ​​up and start the day
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1. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ended its blockbuster term on Thursday with two key opinions on climate change and immigration. The court has hit the Biden administration hard by curbing the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to broadly regulatecarbon emissions from existing power plantsbut with the White House victory, the court has done so. Gave a green light to President Joe Biden To end the Trump era"stay in Mexico" immigration policy, authorities sent non-Mexico immigrants to Mexico for trial in the U.S. Immigration Court. You can wait. These rulings continue to change the legal situationby the conservativeSupreme Courtover various hot button issues such as abortion, gun rights, and religious freedom. Because it is.

2. Abortion

Thursday President Biden calls for the withdrawal of theFilibuster Ruleto legislate abortion rights rice field. Ending filibuster (the Senate 60-vote threshold required to pass most bills) could pass a simple majority of bills rather than being put on hold by a minority. Means that. But despite Biden's newly announcedfilibustercarve-out support, his best bet in doing so is next year, with the Democratic Party winning at least two Senate seats. It is a very high challenge only if you hold the House of Representatives. .. Meanwhile,some democratic stateshave regulations in place to further protect or extend abortion-related laws and policies. For example, Washington Governor Jay Insleeissued a directive on Thursday prohibiting state police from cooperating with out-of-state agency requests for abortion-related information.

3. Ukraine

After this very important summit, President Biden and NATO leaders, "to end the conflict. Few people were willing to provide an actual time frame for. Ukrainian allies have stepped up their response to the war this week with new sanctions and more military aid, but it is unclear whether these measures can change the momentum of the battlefield that currently supports Russia.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged NATO leaders to help him regain control during a virtual speech to the summit, with moremodern weaponsand Russia He sought continuous support for the fight. Russian troops leftBlack Sea Snake Island on the ground after Zelensky said on Thursday that Ukraine had carried out a "remarkable operation." However, Russia claimed to have withdrawn "as a gesture of goodwill."

4. Brittney Griner

American basketball star Brittney Griner's trial in Russia today{187 after authorities insisted It will start at }. She packed cannabis oil in February, a week before Russia invaded Ukraine. Greener, a Phoenix Mercury player playing in Russia during the WNBA's off-season, has been arrested at a Moscow airport and detained for more than four months. Russian officials have accused her of smuggling large amounts of drug material. This is a crime that can be punished with up to 10 years in prison. Her detention, which was extended for six months before the outcome of the trial, created a wave of support in the United States. Grinner's wife, Sherel, has signed an exchange agreement with Russian authorities to urge President Biden to release her Grinner and bring her home safely as soon as possible.

5. Travel Confusion

As the United States heads for a busy weekend on the holiday of July 4, travel experts warn of delays and cancellations It may affect flights over the next few days. Last weekend alone, more than1,500 flights were canceled in the United States. Delta has already reduced about 100 flights per day from its July schedule to "minimize disruption." Delta also issued an exemption for travelers on July 4th in preparation for passenger numbers that were "not seen before the pandemic." Also, as the airport will be filled with the most travelers in the last few years,weather will also be a major factor this weekend,, affecting both airlines and fireworks displays. Most of the United States can rain until Monday, and thunderstorms are expected in some areas in the south and northeast.  

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