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Five Things You Should Know On June 30: SCOTUS, School Shooting, January 6, Ukraine, Israel

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1. Supreme Court

Judge Ketangi Brown Jackson, with Supreme Court justice at noon today ET, made history asthe first African-American woman's justiceand began a decades-long term. increase. But when she starts her job, the Supreme Court is confused. Justice works in public to maintain politeness, butthis term's opinionreveals the opposite of anger. The judge not only attacked the enemy's reasoning in the immediate case, but also renewed the dissatisfaction aired in her previous opinion. Today, the Supreme Court gives final opinion and order as two major cases of environment and immigration await resolution. New challenges related to women's reproductive health, second amendments, and even same-sex marriages may swirl in state and federal courts across the United States in the near future.

2. School shooting

Almost 10 years afterworst school slaughterthis week in Texas and Iowa Governor announced a commitment of at least $ 100 million eachto prevent similar tragedy. It was in Texas last month that 18-year-old Gunman fired atRob Elementary Schoolin Uvarde with an AR-15 style rifle, killing 19 children and 2 teachers. Governor Greg Abbott said funding in Texas will be allocated to school safety and mental health initiatives, including bulletproof shields and funding for school districts to purchase silent panic alert technology. At Iowa, the funds will be used to increase the number ofspecial agents, criminal information analysts, and communication specialists dedicated to school safety. This isafter school shootings in the United States reached a20-year high in 2021, as shown by federal government data. 

3. January 6

Republican Rep. Lizchainy rebukes former President Donald Trumpand GOP leaderThe Ronald Reagan Presidential Library gave some of the pitiful details so far revealed by the House Select Commission investigating the January 6 riot on Wednesday night, witnesses who came to help, especially young. Praise the bravery of the female aideThe investigation"We are facing a domestic threat that we have never faced. It is trying to unravel the foundation of the Constitutional Republic. I'm a former president, "said Mr. Chaney. Her remark was thatformer White House aide Cassidy Hutchinsongave a shocking testimony in front of the House Selection Committee this week, and Trumpin an ongoing investigation by the Justice Department. After increasing the exposure of thecriminals that may be faced.

4. Ukraine

NATO officially invited Sweden and Finland to the allianceWednesday, a defense block that directly undermines Russia Historical Expansion of President Vladimir Putin's purpose is as his war in Ukraine progresses. Putin issued a new warning about the bids of the countries participating in NATO, saying that Russia will not be bothered by the two countries participating in the block, but will "respond symmetrically" to building military or infrastructure. rice field. Separately, Putinon Wednesday denied that Moscow was behind a strike at a shopping center in Ukraine, killing at least 18 people and injuring dozens of them missing. .. "Russian troops do not attack civilian sites," he claimed. The Russian Defense Ministry has previously stated that it has achieved its military goals, but the city of Clementuk'svideoshows that the mall has been destroyed by a missile.

5. Israel

Israeli parliament, Knesset, resolves thatwill dissolve itself,begins a fifth vote To do. Israeli in less than four years. Today's 92-0 vote puts an end to Naftari Bennett's position as a national leader, one of the shortest terms in Israeli history, and givesformer Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyafto power. Gives you a way back. .. The Allied government faced a week of heightened political uncertainty in Israel, but last week'sannouncement of the move to dissolve the parliament was still surprising. A new election will be held on November 1st. 

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