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After a chaotic weekend trip, another 740 flights were canceled on Monday

New York (CNN Business)On Monday afternoon, at least 744 flights were canceled across the United States. According to the flight tracking website FlightAware. This follows another chaotic weekend trip with more than 1,500 domestic flights canceled on Saturday and Sunday.

Delta(DAL)alone, at least 214 flights on Monday, or 7% of it Was canceledUnited(UAL)canceled Flight 122,American Airlines (AAL) nixed 62. CNN has contacted three airlines for comment on the cancellation of the flight.

"Delta's team manages safely through multiple factors affecting operations this weekend, including more absenteeism than planned in some working groups, weather, and air traffic control constraints. "We continue," said a Delta spokesman on Sunday. "Cancellation of a flight has always been our last resort and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to your travel plans."

It will be the summer of travel hellWill, experts warn. The airline received $ 54 billion in federal support during Covid's peak to avoid unwilling layoffs, but after offering buyouts and early retirement packages to reduce staff and save money. There are fewer employees than before the pandemic. As a result, bad weather, understaffed air traffic control centers, or sick staff can quickly disrupt operations.

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport in the New York City area are most affected by Monday's cancellations, with more than 100 canceled flights in Newark alone. Occupies.

United Airlines (56 canceled on Saturday and 70 canceled on Sunday) announced last Thursday that it would reduce daily domestic flights from the busy Newark Hub by 12%. The cut will start in Julyand will have about 50 flights a day.

According to FlightAware, there were 634 US flights canceled on Saturday and 868 canceled on Sunday.

"Various factors in our history that are currently influencing our operations — from weather and air traffic control, vendor staffing, and planning by some working groups. Increasing Covid's case rate, which also contributes to high unplanned absenteeism — leading to operations that have not consistently met the standards Delta has set in the industry in recent years. "

However, critics say airlines should have predicted these issues before the summer travel season.

"Stress testing an airline's operating model yields the same results," said Captain Dennis Targer, a spokesman for the United Pilot Association, an American Airlines pilot union, earlier this month. rice field.

For flights that have already reached capacity, "If one flight is canceled, not only will there be a cascading effect, but there will be a wave of problems. It's a dejav again," Tajer said.Chaotic vacation travel seasonEnd of last year.