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An 80-year-old Washington woman was banned from attending the YMCA after she demanded a transgender employee leave her locker.

An 80-year-old woman from Washington, , was permanently banned from her local YMCA swimming pool after demanding a transgender employee leave the women's locker room. 

"A man in a women's bathing suit sees four or five girls lowering their bathing suits to use the restroom," she told local media. I saw you watching," Port Townsend resident Julie Jayman recalled of the July incident in Seattle. Friday's radio show host Dori Monzon. "I asked him if he had a penis, but he said it wasn't my business. I said to that man, 'Get out now.'"

The incident occurred on July 26 at Mountain View Pool, a Port Townsend City facility operated by Olympic Peninsula. According to the YMCA, local news outlet Port Townsend Free Press. 

Transgender rights activist waves a transgender flag as they protest the killings of transgender women this year, at a rally in Washington Square Park
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Jaman claims that she is a transgender employee. was in the women's locker room when she was in the shower and "heard a male voice."

She told Monson when she alerted the pool staff of the incident and staff told her that it was "discriminatory" and that she was "banned from the pool for good." , she was stunned, she said. According to Jamin's radio interview, the staff were also said to have said the police would be called. 

"She didn't ask me what the problem was. If you're okay, you didn't know anything about me," Jamin told Monzon. "It was like she was waiting to pounce on me. It was just amazing."

Port Townsend Police Department told Fox News Digital that the official police The department provided an incident report on the matter, although it said no report had been filed. 

The incident report detailed Jaman's "emotional reaction to the presence of a strange man in the bathroom" near a young girl . According to Poole, a police officer had a phone call with Jamin. The report also referenced a call from her YMCA detailing Jamin "shouting" at her employees in the facility's locker room and "refusing to leave."

Marketing for the Olympic Peninsula YMCA&Communications Her manager, Erin Hawkins, told Fox News Digital that following a series of incidents of Jamin violating the facility's code of conduct, the pool's permanent He said the ban was done. She said the peculiar incident in the women's locker room last month was not the only reason for the permanent suspension. You have been permanently suspended from Mountain View Pool for repeatedly violating our Code of Conduct by using abusive language or gestures that are "abusive, harassing or obscene language or gestures toward YMCA staff or others." Hawkins made comments to Fox News Digital on Monday. said he was suspended from the facility.

Jayman told local media that she has been at the pool facility for 35 years and Port Townsend for about 40 years. Told. She once voted Democratic during her lifetime, she told a local outlet, referring to her chromosomes and describing herself as an "XX woman." She added to the Port Townsend Free Press that she recoiled from showering naked in a room with a man who was born a man. "My Mama Bear" came out, he added.  

"I told her there were no signs posted to warn women." Jamin told Monson, "She said there were pride posters everywhere and thought that was enough to let women know what to expect." 71 According to Jamman's account of the conversation, Bart also said, ``We are proud and welcome to all.'' 72 46 47 "Other than offering no alternative to women who choose not to undress in front of men, that's fine with me," Jaman continued in a radio interview. "Our pool is a very old pool. There are two shower and changing rooms, one for men and one for women."

Since then, Jaman has held protests outside the pool facility, joined by supporters, according to the Port Townsend Free Press. reported. Trans activists also campaigned against it.